Skogarderoben, Semi-casual

A complete shoe closet includes shoes for any occasion. Our site has looked at some of the most useful models which basically going to wear to the entire wardrobe registers. From business willow Sunday promenade.

Monk straps
After being an outdated shoe model for British fossils have the straps monk recent seasons rather come to be associated with Italian flärdfullhet. Models with double buckles give a face impression which can advantageously replace both classic loafers and lace-ups to the suit, but also be worn to casual cotton pants. Remember that the trousers event can be ruined by a highly placed buckle, causing many people choose a shorter byxlängd to this type of shoes.

Suede Shoes
Regardless of the model includes a pair of suede shoes next to a need of a complete shoe closet. The sound quality and with regular maintenance needs suede not be a worse alternative and more sensitive than conventional leather shoes. The truth is that all leather footwear takes a beating from the rain. Dare to combine suede shoes with slightly more dressed up style. Dark brown suede shoes is for example a navy suit an unbeatable combination.

Loafers are perhaps most strongly associated with the summer season, but in darker version and with the right sole, this is a model for the entire year. To the shoe should be as useful as possible, select a model with relatively long tongue and slender shape. Blunt and square loafers are no fun at all.