Sky, Sea and Land, in The South of France, Are Merged into The Impressive Collection Cruise 2016 of Christian Dior

The wonderful Palais Bulles has been witnessed the parade of the 2016 Christian Dior cruise collection. One of the most magical venues have seen, where he lived Pierre Cardin, and a collection worthy of applause, a welcome elegant and subtly as the charisma of the South of France where he RAF Simons He was inspired to create these wonderful pieces.

“I wanted this collection to manifested a idea of freedom, of game and individuality, above all, with respect to the Dior archives, explains RAF Simons. The concept of this collection is not heavy, but light and young, and this lightness translates here in a literal way that gives it all its freshness. Most of the architectural constructions of garments It is directly inspired by Christian Dior-coats; but here thick tissues are not present, it has created a game of scale and the stylistic elements of the inspired garments have been applied to other garments as a collage.”

A collection with little armed garments, with the exception of coats, with very relaxed silhouettes and really elegant prints where the picture of vichy coexists perfectly with flashes of lurex Recalling the waves. An exceptional collection where the bags again to grab everyone’s attention, especially the mythical buckets with floral prints.

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