Slim Straight Leg Jeans

Finding the right Jeans-form is not easy. Therefore, we help with frequently asked questions about straight Jean models.


What distinguishes straight leg jeans?

The straight leg jeans are the classic jeans types. They can also be found under the name “Regular Fit” with different brands. Another name for this original form of jeans is “5-pocket jeans” because it has five pockets: two on the back, two at the front and a small extra bag. These jeans distinguished by their pant legs that are backward cut straight from the hip and therefore have a loose fit.

Slim Straight Leg Jeans

Which character type are straight leg jeans?

The straight leg jeans or “Regular Fit” is any figure type. Strong thigh benefit from the cut as wide hips, because in these locations will continue the trousers and the leg concealed skillfully the problem area. Even for a large Po this form is perfect.


What colors, washes and pocket shapes are strong women?

In feminine curves, you should pay attention to the bag shape, the closer the bags are at the center seam, the smaller acts of Po. Moreover, dark colors and dark washes without great contrasts are best suited for these slim. Bright colors and bright Jean washes you should avoid, however.


What small women should look for straight-cut jeans?

Small women can stretch with these jeans her body somewhat, because the straight cut extended visually the appearance. However, you should then refrain from combining wide tops or long shirts to jeans, because that figure is rather shortened. You should also keep in sound tone which ensures that your body line is not interrupted. However, if you want to put color accents, then move it upwards – a bright shell on a dark jeans more harmonious than vice versa.


Which shoes fit straight-cut jeans?

At that Jean shape fits almost any shoe – from sneakers and cloth shoes for the casual look to ankle boots, pumps and ballerinas, if it may be more feminine. But remember: The jeans lying on the shoe on – so tight boots are including! Avoid put a straight leg jeans into the boots, which raises only unsightly wrinkles on the shaft.

Slim Straight Leg Jeans

Further information:

Colors and washes: Destroyed denim, dark denim, Destroyed, Bleached, Washed, black, gray, white.

Serve with: shoes, shirts, blouses, tunics, shirts, sweats, accessories, blazer, leather jacket, coats, jackets, belts, high heels, pumps, ballerinas, boots.


Just Jeans are versatile everyday companion

Just Jeans are considered classics of inspired denim fashion and have already well established in the assortments. Find online at the store on women a wide selection of summer dresses and proven partner. Products include models in summery colors like straight jeans typically blue.


Order straight Jeans for women

Jeans with simple optics can be combined versatile. Narrow cut with comfortable waist straight fit jeans for shirt as the blouse and also make an elegant blazer looks good. Embroidery on the pockets and leather patch back waistband accents in discreet style. In response yet functionally show straight jeans with side seams. The seam extends visually the leg and makes it seem so long.