Sneakers: 8 Tips and 30 Outfits, Like You Wear the Trend Shoe

Do you know how I can tell if it is spring? I replace my biker boots increasingly against lighter sneakers. Because for me the former gymnastic and athletic shoes are an important basic of my shoe collection. The comfortable shoe has already made the leap from the sports ground on the streets of this world. Today, he is from the list of the recurring fashion trends not more away to think. Certain sneaker models, even a fashion hype, which spend a small fortune young fashionistas can be connected. They wear their chunky cult shoes just to do anything: the jeans as well as to the pencil skirt, Pant suit or dress.

But what are actually adult women? How do you wear sneakers when they are no longer 20 years old and want to look so attractive? Today I have a few tips provided to you together, how to find your ideal sneakers and how you combine them in a stylish and contemporary way. There a link list with Examples of the outfit. I certainly hope that very many suggestions here are that help you make your very own sporty Leisure style. Have fun at the today’s sneakers show!

Tip wear 1: original sports shoes if possible not jeans looks!

They you have to make an early decision of style, if you want to wear sneakers, is: original shoe want to stay as close to the sport? There are a few cult sneakers, which were taken directly from the sports scene. Sole – the selection of genuine sport shoes with trend character is huge from the newly created tennis shoes, which had been Stan Smith at the foot of the famous “chucks” of Basketballers Taylor to the basketball shoes with the well-known Chuck “Air Max”.

If you want to carry such copies, you should know: these sneakers work just modern, if you combine them very trendy. Only very young women can wear the original sneakers with a quite unspectacular jeans outfit. As a grown woman, you need more, as high-quality garments or accessories, such as a handbag or a 7/8 crease pants with original sport shoes stylish to present themselves. If you’re fashion-brave and it fits your style, then you combine your original sneakers in the breach of the style, for example, the pencil skirt or trouser suit. Select a modischere version of sneakers for your “every day casual jeans outfits” as possible (see Tip 2).

Tip 2: enter your sneakers upgrade!

If you want to stay not at the original sports shoe, but prefer a fashionable adapted version, there are many possibilities: you can choose similar copies in luxurious materials. A sports shoe is fine, if he is, for example, in high-quality leather, suede, paint or snakeskin, if its surface receives a metallic finish , or if it is decorated with Rhinestones, jewels or embroidery. This also applies to laces and eyelets. Sneakers have a higher effect with glittery laces or strips of leather. Such noble sneakers give also your jeans outfit the necessary adult glamour of portion of.

Tip Use patterned sneakers 3: outfit accents!

A trick how to every outfit in the casual easy chic can now revalue it’s to wear patterned sneakers. You add an accent to give a youthful touch to your style and show that they are fashionable despite casual outfit of the time on the pulse. Sneakers are currently popular with flower pattern, but also sports shoes with Animal Print are classics, which immediately gives the necessary PEP your sneaker look.

Tip Select 4: sneakers tone on-tone for sporty, elegant outfits!

If you want to integrate your sneakers as harmoniously in your sport classic outfit, you access to high-quality leather sneakers in shades of color-coordinated so that results in a Monochrome color combination . Thus do nothing wrong, show class and can still take advantage of the comfortable casualness of trend shoes.

Tip 5: when careful buying on the details that are important to you in figurative!

Basically, you have two ways to deal with sneakers: chunky copies, you can access and as conspicuous include statement in your outfit. Or you can buy decorative versions which introduce less optical weight into the look. Sneakers taking on even more…

  • … the thicker which is sole of the sneakers,
  • … lighter is the shoe,
  • … ever more diverse, the shoe design is (even if, for example, the laces, the eyelets and the upper have each clearly contrasting colours).
  • … the higher the shoe of the leg goes up,
  • … the longer the tongue at the ankle goes up,
  • … the thicker the material of the upper shoe is,
  • … the more voluminous details of the shoe has such as buckles, sewn up strips of leather, quilting, Waddings, punching, mesh, Paspelierungen or wide shoelaces,
  • … the broader part of the shoe is designed and
  • … each round, beaded or reinforced shoe CAP is worked.

They belong to the women with sturdy legs, you can look when purchasing your sneakers on such details if you want to complain not additionally visually your lower body. And women with short legs are not well advised, if they wear ankle-high cut sneakers. However, I must add: in the coming season are the rather clunky models of sneakers with thicker soles and in sporting original White said. As a woman with A figure type or with shorter legs you keep it simple as always: everything can be, nothing.

Tip wear 6: sneakers to narrow pants or skirts!

Your sneakers figure-friendly a more tip on how you can style, is: The klobiger, the sneakers are the narrower, the remaining leg zone should be kept. This means: If you add more optical weight on your feet, you can compensate for this, by you slim cut trousers (such as skinny pants or 7/8 trousers), skirts (E.g. Bleistifröcke or mini-skirts) or clothing (E.g. shift dresses, tube dresses, narrow Shiftkleider) help. Add additional volume on the lower body, combining wide skirts or pants to appear much dense than you actually are.

And one more tip to: sneaker looks to see where at least the narrow ankle is, graceful look than others. Even if you roll up a bit narrow pants, you can achieve this effect. But: Just announced looks in the coming season, where überweite and extra long trousers with sneakers combined are – that unfortunately contributes really every woman. Very thin women who would act like something stronger, forward, however, this trendy option.

Tip Select carefully the events for a sneaker outfit 7:!

While young fashionistas and also so many stars on the red carpet really wear their sneakers for almost every occasion – even to the long evening dress, I wouldn’t advise that adult women. Sneakers are first and foremost a casual shoes for me. Of course, there are professional environmentsin which sneakers to jeans, business pants, are quite portable to the trouser suit or the pencil skirt. And also some fashion editor over 40 was spotted with sneakers in the front row of fashion shows. Once it but something is formal, formal or elegant occasions , I advise to more elegant shoes – adult women, or at least to comfortable alternative look to keep.

Tip 8: are also convenient alternatives to sneakers, always an option!

There is a simple trick like you each sneaker outfit an elegance level higher can transport immediately: simply replace the sneakers with a convenient alternative. Such alternatives include, for example:

  • Even if only the lacing, a little less sporty, still casual, but somewhat “tightened” style creates slip-ons -.
  • Moccasins – the carpets are also a leisure shoe, but with more “preppy” style units.
  • Slippers – the sporty classic shoe fits to very many occasions where sneakers are not necessarily announced.
  • You can skip lace-up oxfords in men’s style – if that suits your style type, with high-quality men’s – lace shoe equal to two levels of elegance.

This is beautiful for one such outfit upgrade: you can leave your rest outfit in most cases exactly the same. Because all outfits that look good with sneakers, look at least as good with high probability with the alternatives.

30 examples of outfit with sneakers and slip-ons for your inspiration

Sneakers are in the coming season so versatile, they are carried almost to all outfits. The total of 30 looks that I found on Pinterest foryou show how this might look. Let yourself be inspired!

  • CLA by glam up your lifestyle wearing white sneakers in a grey beige tone in tone outfit . Their sneakers with Leo pattern combined with the jeans with Red Sweater.
  • Conny A Hemad and a HOS wearing their white sneakers with black leather trousers their yellow, ankle-high copies to the rolled jeans.
  • Also Beth by at a certain age style spices up a quite monochromatic Outfit in beige, grey and Brown with slip-ons with Leo-pattern to.
  • Annette uses her patterned, shiny Slip-ons with a Leo scarf to put the finishing touches to a black outfit.
  • Sabina by ocean blue style combining dares by Pattern sneakers to the gray, wide trousers – quite doable in a so slender figure.
  • Nicoletta von scent of obsession wearing her Burgundy dark Sneakers as a highlight to black, ankle length pants and short coat.
  • At La cool and chic there is to admire a very casual look in which Sneakers with track pants and Biker jacket be combined.
  • This also very casual look consists of Boyfriend jeans, jacket, Biker jacket and ankle-high, red sneakers.
  • That a casual Everyday look with boyfriend jeans and chucks leather can work in over 40 years, Sarah Jessica Parker shows.
  • Is this lady in the front row of a fashion show with Sneakers, chinos and mustard-yellow coat to see.
  • Also to the white Chino with sweaters and jeans jacket sneakers are portable.
  • Sneakers can be quite trendy to Shock trousers and stripy shirt style…
  • … or to the trendy, elevations 7/8-trousers in beige …
  • … or very purist to the Überweiten 7/8 trousers with short coat …
  • … or Culottes with long Cardigan.
  • All are currently Sneakers to wide pleat worn.
  • This outfit with one is also very up to date super wide linen trousers and long coat.
  • Even in a very pure and grey outfit with next Crease pants and jacket sneakers doing well.
  • An androgynous style with Men’s trousers and striped shirt gets with sneakers a casual flair.
  • Sneakers can be quite stylish to suit style, as Alexa Chung shows.
  • Sofia Coppola is to the dark suit even bright sneakers.
  • It is also for the colored Suit in mauve with turtlenecks white sneakers fit.
  • Sneakers that tone on-tone are combined, give here a monochrome dark blue outfit a subtly sporty character.
  • Sneakers can also part one avant-garde black outfits sweater, skirt and pants are.
  • See something getting Sneakers to the pleated skirt from…
  • … or to the Lace skirt with oversized sweater …
  • … or to the Maxi skirt with ankle socks.
  • All in the 70s are flair here Sweater and A-lines leather skirt with flowers applications to sneakers combined.

We are at the end of today’s sneaker show. I hope I could take on many ideas, how to combine the sporting classic. And now my question to you comes naturally: how will you wear your sneakers in the coming season and which will probably be?