Soft Structured

The jacket as a synonym for rigid office fashion is a thing of the past. Follow the same structures, job materials and not least the soft shafts allows the jacket to today as relaxed as stylish garments.

The trend has been evident in recent seasons. More and more manufacturers have seen the carrier and tailored blazer for new needs. For many feel the classic blazer with clearly structured silhouette unnecessary formal workplace, not least when it is worn with jeans. The silhouette of the characteristic soft shoulder is then a perfect model stylistically feels much better suited to the jeans than the often stiff and straight jacket which unfortunately has become the standard in Swedish workplaces.

But the cut to embrace both a casual everyday blazer festive seasonal suit, something not least the Italian manufacturers often give samples. Tall people carry the advantage of this type of jackets with falling shoulders, clearly balances the one length. At the same time the narrow armholes and the often marked waist a tailored feel. Double slit provides as well as a design with floating inserts used by more manufacturers maximum mobility. For why choose a stiffer blazer than necessary?