Special Swimsuits for Pregnant Women

The swimsuit maternity It is a garment all MOM imperative during the summer. They approach the hottest days of the year and is concerned at all how luciremos tummy in the swimming pool or on the beach.

In this special we will give some tips on bathing suits most suitable for each woman and each stage of gestation, always with the objective that the pregnant woman to feel comfortable. We also bring you some of swimwear that you can find in the shops this summer 2009 season so you choose the most suitable.

As in everything, in this there are tastes for all colors. The choice may depend on how many months you are and the size of the gut. Some opt to continue using the bathing suits of the previous year because they are going to be comfortable and not tight them anywhere, while others opt to buy bathing suits one or two larger sizes than used, depending on how grew you up the belly and breasts.

Whatever the choice, the main thing is that you feel comfortable. If they do not serve you bathing suits from other seasons you can brand new bathing suit without spending too much money for a garment that, ultimately, we will use only for three or four months.

The first question submitted to us is whether it is better to use bikini or swimsuit integer. The answer is: depends on. It depends with what you feel most comfortable. Personally, the bikinis seem very nice and aesthetic for pregnant women who do not have disadvantage in show casing.

Ideally, look for one that properly support the chest and bottom part fits well to the body. It is not time for strips or triangles. Best strong strips fasteners and wide panties. Lately I’ve seen some style mini shorts that are very comfortable for moms.

However, if you’re that prefer to take the belly out of the Sun you can appeal well to the whole swimsuits that much stylize the silhouette or the tankini, a swimsuit two parts midway between bikini and one whole.

The whole swimsuits are OK, because they are better fastening gut. The cleavage must be resistant and, except some models, they tend to be quite closed in the back to give more attachment to the front. I advise you to buy one that makes small wrinkles on the side of the back to give him room to stretch as the belly grows.

For its part, the tankini, composed by a wide panties and t-shirt, allow greater freedom for the growth of the gut. I find them ideal to protect the gut from the Sun, besides that they are wonderful. There are some compounds by three pieces (BRA, braga and t-shirt) ideal for use type bikini and when we want to cover the tripe we add shirt. That Yes, if you have the gut already too big no is either the shirt lifting all the time leaving the casing exposed. In that case, better use more loose t-shirts or the whole swimsuit.

One option to create our own tankini is buy a shirt of lycra that hold us well the chest and dries quickly and combine it with a Brazilian broadband game.

These these tips, see then some models of swimwear that can be found this year in stores.


Prenatal is one of the brands of reference in fashion for pregnant women. This year it proposes whole swimsuits in tones of sailors and tankinis in citrus colors as the models that we see in the picture above.


A while ago we mentioned deals on clothing Kiabi maternity. They also have a line of swimwear for pregnant women, as well as bikinis panties type shorts that come in handy for moms. Maybe the quality isn’t the best, but it has good prices, something to take into account in the times that run and above all if we take into account that the bathing suit will use it three months.

Swimwear Kiabi maternity line is composed of the three models that you can see above. Chocolate color has a very nice cut with an adjustable cord under the breast and is on offer for 9,99 euros.


Decathlon, the sportswear brand, has also launched a line of swimwear brand Tribord maternity at very acceptable prices, although in appearance and more sporty cut.

They are made in a fabric reinforced that adapts to changes in the woman’s body. At the same time it has back strap in an X and a bra type top integrated in the upper part.

MIT Mat Mama

Shop MIT Mat Mama has some beautiful super swimwear this season, although somewhat more expensive than the previous ones. A very elegant black version whole, white tones and tankini as see those us in the cover photo of the post, or in colors of inspiration there are seafood as see us it in the image of the catalog above.

Avenue des babies

Prices that are around 60 euros can find colorful models at the clothing store for pregnant woman Avenue des baby. One of my favorites is the Red of the image on the left, as well as one purple tie under neckline with.

A model that I have not seen in any other shop is a bikini with super-high braga that covers almost all of the gut and can be folded down if we want.


Let me now turn to the tankinis. Childcare Mothercare brand has a model’s striped tankini very style, ‘ 50s at a price of 36,90 EUR.


Finally, I taught a model of tankini chocolate color of the Indybel firm that has a great pint. It seems to be the color of the summer fashion and of course is a very elegant tone to vary from the classic black. The swimsuit has gathers on the chest and at the height of the gut for convenience and comes in different sizes. It costs 31.50 euros.

I hope that it has been you in our interest Special swimwear maternity for babies and more and you luzcáis all a beautiful tummy next summer.