Spotlight on Babies and More: from 1 to 7 July

We are fully immersed in the months of holiday and it seems that the heat, although late, has come, so this week I’ve brought several issues that we are going to talk about in this weekly summary with Spotlight.

I have given some examples of fashion from for pregnant women comfortable and chic to go to work and swimwear very fashion for the kids of the House.

Slightly touching the topic of food, I have told how to deal with the heat with a good diet and you have explained how to make frozen fruit home. In addition, as these days we usually eating out we wanted to talk about those moments in which do not dare to go out to eat with the children.

Breastfeeding and heat I have given some recommendations for the mother.

We have followed addressing the issue of ADHD with three interesting interviews, two to Antonio Ortuño, who have been told that psychiatrists argue that they are the only ones who can diagnose ADHD and that all children on the planet, at birth, would be hyperactive and one by Cristina Silvente, who has explained to us that many children alone show ADHD at school.

On the question of the week, so that we can give your opinion, we asked the following: do share ideas about parenting with your partner?.

Finally, tell you that in Engadget they have talked about what the ideal distance to place the TV in the lounge and in Kids and more We have spoken of the benefits of the Pilates for children.

We hope that this week that begins the contents of Babies and more are you interesting, enjoyable and practical. We will work to do so.