Spring 10 Celebrity Raincoats

Although the thought of rain and bad weather like this in the springtime is less pleasant, it’s often a quite frequent feature of our country. Today we highlight 10 favorite gowns that works over both thicker jackets during the early spring as a shirt for a rainy summer.

There are few things that we think are more turn offs when it comes to clothes than the clothes that mimic the real thing. Whether it concerns cheap glued shoes with an imitation-randsöm or raincoats that have no water repellency, it feels extremely dull and unattractive no matter how good the design may be.

For us, the function and aesthetics go hand in hand. Just as the style and comfort need not be opposites must combine a sleek coat with a function to actually be dry. Otherwise, the concept falls full constantly and you can, in our opinion just as easily choose any other garment and an umbrella.

Good water-repellent coats costing just like quality in general a lot of money. At the same time it is one of the garments that changed at least through the years purely aesthetic. There are primarily two leading models in the form of trench-coat and Mac Coaten which dominates the category. Although the silhouette has become significantly narrower late 50’s so the models are relatively classic.

We have selected our 10 favorites from the spring range.