Spring 2016 From Boglioli

One of the most influential companies in the dressy men’s fashion in recent years is undoubtedly Italian Boglioli. It was one of the first and not least in the field of primary okonstruerade and garment washed jackets and suits, a trend that has spread to just about every segment of the market since then.

What you do not always know is to do a blazer okonstruerad and garment-washed place considerably higher demands on the producer then you have no canvas and inserts to rely on to give the jacket structure.

Many competitors have tried to adopt Bogliolis thinking but in our opinion, they are still the best in the area with perhaps the exception of specific lines as “jacket in a box” from Belvest example.

Boglioli was run for many years by brothers Mario and Perluigi but for nearly four years since the decision was made to sell and instead take on something new that we know today as The Gigi.

Then the brothers left there has been a certain change in both collections as presentations. Garments dna HiFi lightweight design is still there but it has been more to fashion than classic tailoring.

For spring 2016 Boglioli strongly inspired by the 1970s and the color scale runs from deep tones of burgundy to bright cobalt blue and then downplayed tobacco brown mixed with off-white. The tie is in many cases replaced by a scarf and designer Vosoghi Jay mixes a little more structured axis with a further trousers then look at the next choose a okonstruerad jacket to a shorter tapered bottom.

The collection feels luxurious and even if they do not necessarily choose to wear the garments as they are presented by the company to offer it on a lot of inspiration. Many who tried Boglioli can attest to how comfortable and portable garments are often perceived and I think these okonstruerade interpretations of the jacket and suit we’ve seen in recent years has helped to defuse the classic men’s fashion and catch up on a lot of younger carriers.

Boglioli sold in Sweden at including Gabucci, Spiga 3, Care of Carl, Divanti and Linnegatan No.2 in Sweden.