Spring 2016 From Cifonelli

An increasingly common phenomenon is that classic tailoring started offering their own clothing line. We have seen examples of this in the past here at Manolo in the form of Huntsman, Thom Sweeney and Rota. Today, we have chosen to look at the French tailor Cifonelli that since a couple of seasons back offers its own RTW collection.

At first thought, it is easy to feel a certain skepticism for this development as often associate a tailor with the personal experience of getting something produced for just yourself rather than ready-made garments.

At the same time we must not forget that there is a very strong brand in these skräddarhus and not infrequently a house style that many men want.

If one also does not have the financial ability or the time to order, for example Cifonelli Bespoke (which starts at just over € 5,000) as offer a clothing line of high quality any customer can get with them directly, at a lower price and with minor changes can still provide an excellent fit.

These clothing lines are usually sewn from high quality workmanship with full canvas construction and several hand-stitched details but by natural reason is not adapted to a unique carrier.

It is a way for these tailors to compete with companies like Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Kiton and Cesare Attolini all of which offer clothing in the absolute premium class.

If you look closely at the right Cifonellis spring collection for 2016, we see several clear trends.

The inspiration comes from the French Riviera, sea, sky, sand and stone and has hints of green, azure as varied carpet tones of sand and gray.

Creative Director of the collection is John Vizzone and he has tried to combine skrädderiets French classic silhouette with the selected cigar shaft and a modern and contemporary style.