Stephanie Seymour for Harper’s Bazaar The Icon Issue

The annual specials from Harper’s Bazaar they always seek to cause more feeling of what regularly introduces the magazine. Thus, we have seen various stories in the magazine. I can’t deny that the Simpson’s loved me just as the of Lucy Liu on the occasion of the Olympic Games in Beijing and the of Emma Watson as little witch is very own for Halloween.

Therefore for November have been attempted to overcome for its British Edition with a cover of ‘stars’ and I mean it literally, because in addition to presenting to Stephanie Seymour with a beautiful and ethereal model silver-grey and see his long legs, have tachoneado of bright stars.

Peter Blake He has been commissioned to design the brilliant stickers and the entire concept of the cover. This man is the same that created the memorable cover of Sargent Pepper, the disc of the Beatles. Therefore it does not surprise me that the result is also an unforgettable cover.