Street Style Pitti Uomo 90 – Part I

Last week this summer’s men’s fashion fair held in Florence and we were there to see what happened on both the inside and outside of the fair’s doors. As usual, it was a cavalcade of color and eccentric expression but we saw at the same time tendencies that more and more are moving towards a more classic silhouette-inspired tailoring.

It is often the combinations rather than the actual garment that makes the whole extreme at the Pitti Uomo. It can be a relatively portable light summer suit with a classic silhouette that is aggravated with dainty slippers, chest handkerchiefs, tie, kragsmycke, hat, sunglasses and chain. It may be of course do whatever you want with the fair and the outside will just like a catwalk display will always drag it to the extreme. Regardless, one can often find inspiration if you look past this and put it in a more familiar context.