Style Tips Daniel Westling

Reflection: TV4’s morning sofa discussed today how Daniel Westling should dress like aspiring prince. A style expert gave three examples outfits which included socks boat shoes, neon blue sports glasses, flashy belts, finished tied flies and fashionably cut jackets. Daniel, I hope you did not listen.

Now if you did it, you should read the following: A suitable aristocratic style is colorful socks and twisted details. For a well-trained and relatively dark person, I would recommend suits in Neapolitan cut with soft shoulder, shallow sleeves and a figure-hugging silhouette. It is flattering without excessive muscles. Try to choose jackets in double-breasted design to give some authority.

The color scheme should stick to dark blue, dark gray and brown. For it is suitable relatively wide and especially high shirt collars with slightly wavy cases, as well as slightly thicker ties. Like a light blue shirt with nougat brown cashmere tie. Obviously with a paisley patterned handkerchief in the breast pocket. On his feet, brown shoes with no use finish. Both lace-ups and loafers.

Simply continent increasingly well-dressed. Sophisticated, relaxed and well-tailored impeccable. Think Matteo Marzotto. Not any mediocre men’s fashion spread.