Styling Big Sweaters for Autumn

Probably all have at least two or three sweaters in my closet that we have not donned a long time. Comfortable, warm and unpretentious, they are always among the clothes we buy willingly, and often remain buried at the bottom of a shelf, waiting for the right moment. I have no idea how to obtain, but it’s always so: vests use them constantly and sweaters – not. I like them, but did not seem to find time to think about how to incorporate them into their daily lives and they remain in the background.

The good news is that it is complicated to figure out how to combine them. You just have to remove the clothes you love to wear and see which of sweaters you will stand the best. This year, among my favorites are bulky and loose sweaters, and a rough knits. However, the classic models will always be suitable for all girls who prefer elegant and sophisticated radiation, not unconventional and eclectic style.

I hope the examples I’ve chosen to make you dig up all your sweaters out of the closet. I’m sure your personal collection offers many different opportunities just waiting to try them out at