Styling: Trick Bag Crusade

In addition to the current trends for modeling, shapes, colors, fabrics and prints is very important to pay attention to styling tricks. This is how we use each piece of clothing or accessory–he’s the one who sets the your style and differentiates the fashion victins of real fashionistas. Always observe this kind of “trend” because it adds more value to the look of the day and frees us from the traditional way of using the sets.

Every season we see a different way to load the bags, the first “big wave” was carrying them in the forearm so that the bag could be seen in “the look”. Then, the abandonment of small bags handles-all models have turned “clutches” loaded under the arm. This last mode is still very much in use. However, what came back with everything was the trend of cross the cross-handle bag in front of the body according to HISTORYAAH.COM.

Many bloggers and famous street style began with this fashion, one of the first was the Italian Chiara Ferragni, which came out of the ordinary to cross only small handbags and uses this trick even with larger models and more “formal”. It is interesting to see how fashion uses elements of the street to formalise, an example of this is that major brands of bags such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton began to present their purses like that in shows and publicity photos. The good side of this styling trick is that while you’re stylish, it is also comfortable!

Go bet on purse crusade?

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