Suggested Reading: Federico Fellini – the Films

As a director of some of history’s most chic Fellini films are a must among hardcore style geeks. Now comes the book on Fellini’s complete works with the director’s own notes and several pictures from behind the scenes.

La Strada, La Dolce Vita, Nights of Cabiria and 8 ½. Fellini is undoubtedly behind some true classics. Both the movies and style inspiration. No one can have missed Marcello Mastroiannis knife sharply cut suits and Persol frames in 8 ½, which soon gets a new interpretation in the film Nine. Fellini himself was impeccably dressed in three-piece suits, skinny black ties and felt hats from Borsalino. Star director’s penchant for just Borsalino actually led to the world-famous hatter named a hat model “Borsalino Fellini”.