Summer Belts

With lighter and fewer clothes the accessories become increasingly influential. As a belt, a simple means to vary the style. Our site has selected three belt types that complements and sets the color of the upholstery.

Mocha – For the dressed-up style it is often recommended to combine shoes and belt tone on tone. To break the uniform feeling it might be neat to choose a belt in slightly different shade of color or another leather quality. As a suede belt. Equally stylish jeans as a business individual.

Colourful – Liven up chinosen and button-down shirt with a colorful belt. Perfect summer season to a pair of chinos or even a casual linen suit.

Braided – Anyone who feels insecure in combining belt and shoes are investing to advantage in a brown braided leather belt, as seen from the black shoes can wear to all types of shoes and styles. Below the belt may fit primarily a casual dress code, but the sober color scheme also gives a very portable impression.

All belts from Anderson’s. Barba shirt, pants Boglioli, purple linen handkerchief Amanda Christensen, checkered handkerchief Borrelli.