Summer Scarf

There is little color and pattern in men’s fashion. Therefore, it can sometimes help to bring in a little extra for the accessories – like the thin summer scarf.

They are easy to wear with a well-dressed suit or jacket is a bit too accurate. The scarf is a rare effective remedy that provides a bit of flair to the semi-boring outfit. And it really is enough with a simple solid color scarf to break the classic suit silhouette. Or why not a discrete spotty silk scarf that goes equally well together in a tuxedo as everyday clothing.

For the more colorful recommended a paisley- and floral patterned scarf. Lift happy up any shade of color in the scarf of shoes or shirt. This material is silk a classic, but Dae fabric can sometimes be a bit too glossy for everyday clothing. The best is often a combination of silk and fancy ullkvalitér, giving both luster and stability in the fabric. For the summer months are obviously also linen and cotton varieties good choice.