Summer Socks

How tempting it may be, many choose enough to not skip the socks in the summer. Then you have to think smart and choose materials that can withstand the heat. Our site has selected five examples.

For most of the cotton socks are the best choice in the summer. Much because of the durability and ease of washing. For summer recommended thinner cotton qualities with thinner fibers Fil d’Ecosse, Sea Island and Pima cotton.

Wool is as noted earlier is far from only suitable for autumn and winter. As materials are wool, a significantly better breathability than, for example cotton, which are very affordable during the summer. Then pull the wool not absorb bacteria in the same way that cotton is often sufficient at wash socks in 30 degrees so that they become clean.

Linen is today a not very common material for the socks. But like linen shirts gives the material a cooling sensation for the feet. Moreover, with a karaktärisk surface.

Perhaps the most luxurious choice for the stockings are silk. Not the most resistant and lightest materials to keep after, but for summer wedding or festive occasions, this is an unbeatable choice.

Like linen relatively unusual material that has been more and more in recent seasons. The feeling is very cool and easy.