Summer Wedding Dress: Smoking

It will be many questions about clothing for summer wedding. Therefore I dedicate this weekend’s articles cover for summer solemn occasions. First off the tuxedo.

Smoking Cesare Attolini
Buying a tuxedo can be given the number of times it is used feel somewhat redundant. At the same time, you can not get away to a rented tuxedo rarely sits as good as when the carrier itself submits its the tailor to get it adjusted. And the fit is everything when it comes to the tuxedo. For those who want to find stylish models at a sensible price tag is a good tip to look second-hand where there is often a fairly wide range.

Tuxedo shirt Ede & Ravenscroft
Pleated chest is absolutely no need for a tuxedo shirt without this type of model with smooth closure lends itself equally well. The shirt buttons are attached to the back by a ribbon which can be removed and instead wear the shirt with studs in metal. And do not forget to tie the fly itself. It takes fifteen minutes to learn, which is probably just as long it takes to understand why pre-tied flies totally lacking in character.

Cufflinks Gieves & Hawkes
Rarely is the motto less is more so true as for the tuxedo. Cufflinks are, however, almost a must. Opt for subtle variations in silver or gold without too prominent logos.

Lacquer Shoes Shipton & Henage
Even for shoes comes tastefully understated front dissolute forms. A classic oxford style with closed lacing without pattern and lacquered version beats never wrong.

Umbrella Swaine Adeney Brigg
A stylish umbrella is rarely as useful as the solemn festive occasions. Protects upholstery without having to buy a rain outerwear to suit tuxedo.