Sunglasses in Technicolor

If it is true on the one hand that each season, as a specific time of year has its trends in terms of vintage clothing and accessories, sunglasses have long since ceased to represent the summer par excellence.

They now use in any situation, virtually all year-not to mention that, ironically, even their primary function, namely to allow the shelter from the sun, has now passed virtually second or even third floor.

The actors in the film and rock stars, they bring them always to assert their own style or to hide the proverbial signs of fatigue. The poker players also wear them indoors to avoid let their emotions show through. The athletes will make extensive use than in the past, so as not to disclose the level of difficulty opponents.

As you see, there are a number of uses and applications that went to superimpose the traditional use and which has as common denominator the effect of changing the perception of the person wearing them from the world around him.

But what would happen with sunglasses with a lens capable of changing our perspective of the world, re thus transferring the action from the subject to the object of the glasses?

The technique of modern materials applied to “lifestyle” has tried to give an answer to this question.

The inspiration has come across as a popular photo application users to mobile phones around the world, Instagram.

As a program, make-up photo that lets you apply filters to photos, giving them a touch of extreme personalization, Instagram has done nothing but develop and carry out a process already underway in many fields: the alteration of the perception of surrounding space through a deep manipulation of visual tools.

The novelty in this case comes from the company Tens – a startup significantly born in the minds of the founders during a trip to the evocative “highlands” of Scotland – that inspired the success bestowed by users of Instagram experience, has designed and put into the lenses trade colored on the lines of application filters for mobile.

The result, on the part of those who have tried them, is totally similar to the editing. A “photo editing” extensive and almost complete, able to enhance the colors and real colors just like on Instagram platform that will follow you wherever you go provided of course that you continue to wear the glasses. The only substantial difference is that the filters in this case are constituted by the actual lenses and are applied directly to your eyes instead of simple photographs.

At the beginning of 2014 the project “Tens the real life filte r” had to aim to collect 9400 pounds in 30 days through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo (method of collection of online funds for the development of a project). In less than three days, however, the company has greatly exceeded expectations, gaining more than twice the profits funds at the start of the production line of glasses.

The glasses are made ​​in plastic polymer CR-39, which makes them resistant to shocks and scratches. Comply with the safety rules in force, and assemble colored lenses with UV440 protection that can block 100% of harmful rays.

Inspired by the famous model Wayfarer of Ray Ban, the Tens glasses are unisex and available in four colors : black, dark red, navy blue and turquoise blue. The sale price is wildly popular. On the website it is in fact possible to pre-order your own pair of glasses at a price of 36 pounds (or two for £ 66). The expected delivery is currently scheduled for July 2014.

Looking at the world through the lens of this type is to see the world in a definitely non-natural, and maybe even a little ‘stereotypical. But it is also a symptom of a general tendency to want to see more and more things so alternative , different and continually new. And, at least in this sense, we can say that we like.