Swedish Men and Fashion

Filippa K, NK, Paul Smith, Mulberry, Vagabond, Acne and Adidas. There are some of the brands and stores that ranks highest in the newspaper Kings major fashion survey of nearly 1,000 Swedish men have been asked about their fashion and grooming habits.

975 men answered Kings survey of over 60 questions that included everything from the best toothpaste brand to the person’s main sources of inspiration. Henrik Lundqvist, Jens Lapidus, Mickey Hassel Wall, Moneybrother, Andrew Wilson and Reinfeldt are some of the celebrities survey highlights that the country’s foremost style icons. Below is a selection of statistics from the survey. How well does this in on you?

The average man’s wardrobe is worth 30,241 crowns.
The average man’s outfit for the day is worth 2530 crowns.
The average man’s grooming products for 375 per month.
The average man’s clothes and shoes for 1502 crowns a month.

Average man would at most pay:
1242 SEK for a shirt.
572 crowns for a t-shirt.
1481 crowns for a pair of jeans.
1856 crowns for a pair of shoes.
3464 crowns for the suit.
621 crowns for a tie.

47% of respondents have changed the style of dress from last year.
24% acted clothes on credit.
30% is clothing to cheer himself up.
87% believe they have better taste in clothes than the average.
3% believe that they have good taste in clothes.
76% have never acted organic clothing.
87% can tie necktie
23% can fold a handkerchief
26% can tie a fly
85% can sew on a button
95% can iron the shirt
19% never wash their own clothes.

Brand Kollen: Swedish men Favourites
Best shop: NK
Top Sneakers: Adidas
Best shoes: Vagabond
Best Jeans: Acne
Best Swedish fashion label Filippa K
Best foreign clothing brand: Paul Smith
Best skin care: Biotherm
Best perfume: Hugo Boss
Best Watch: Omega
Best case: Mullberry
best solgalsögon: Ray-Ban