Swedish Rain Gear From Stutterheim

Swedish weather does not sällande reeking rain. Some few of our fashion manufacturers have taken advantage of. Stutterheim is a new brand that by updating the classic vinyl raincoat chosen to affirm Swedish crappy weather.

After just over a year ago have been sitting in a cafe with pouring rain outside and found that they all looked like golfers in their modern Gore-Tex jackets Alexander Stutterheim began to wonder why there were no stylish raincoats. In an attic in Roslagen Alexander found his grandfather’s old vinyl raincoat as he fell for. Failed attempts to find a similar model among Stockholm’s shops led to the idea that self-produce a modern interpretation of vinyl raincoat.

Alexander bought a number of used raincoats on the block and then brought together with a pattern designer develop a prototype. Now, a year later, the first copies out for delivery.
– I felt that this was a garment that was missing. There are very many sports emphasized rain jackets, but they are perhaps primarily intended to wear on the golf course. I wanted to produce a neat and simple raincoat with authentic feel to have both to and from the job in the country.

The gowns are produced in Borås by Syverket, which is one of the area’s last garment manufacturers, where each garment will be signed by the seamstresses Lena Borg and Birgitta Source. The model describes Alexander as a classic Car Coat the tailored silhouette with button closure and a hood to better protect against rain.
– The most difficult challenge was the material itself where it took a few months to find the right. We tried some different materials, but it was easy little horny latex-esteem. Then we finally found a galontyg who had the right carpet surface.

In a country like Sweden, where rain is a given element, why has not anyone come up with the idea to produce distinctive rainwear before?
– On the 50th and 60th century, there were quite a number of Swedish-made vinyl raincoats. Since it feels a bit like sports industry has taken over the market, especially its Gore-Tex fabrics. They have clear advantages with very light fabrics and high breathable, but it will be a completely different feeling. For me, it was important to maintain the sterling which are in demand in many areas today. There are examples of very qualitative rainwear Mackintosh, but not everyone is willing to pay 6-7000 for a raincoat.

Why did you choose to produce in Sweden?
– Mainly it was because I wanted to be close to the factory. Since I’ve never worked with clothes before so it was very important to a factory that I could discuss and explain my ideas for. It was maybe the price was slightly more expensive, but I think clearly it was worth.

The information material to the mark, write a lot about clutch Swedish melancholy and sadness. How has it influenced the project?
– It comes from my grandfather. He could sit out two days in a storm and just watch the sea. On the third day he always did something creative and fun. Many confuse depression with melancholia, which is a disease. I am convinced that we need a bit of sadness and melancholy to be creative. The high degree projketet is all about managing the melancholy by defying the weather, something the brand’s payoff “Swedish Melancholy at it’s Driest” is an expression.

What next for the brand?
– Now I will try to get sold the first 350 copies. Since I have ideas for new colors, models and clothes, but I may evaluate this carefully. Many have been very positive about the project and now I have received 100 orders from people who have never even seen the jacket in reality. I have received requests from stores that want to buy into the rockers, but I will try to look after yourself as long as possible. If someone wants to try his coat, you’re welcome to do it in my raw wind.