Swimsuits That Make Great Guy; My Search 2016

As every year, I want to buy a bathing suit. Only one, one a year but that feel me really well. Stop me moving Dresser when I throw in the sand to play with Clara, not a wild wave down me and wash in the washer and a trapillo is not made.

You may wonder why not bikini and bathing suit. This year I was surprised to see more swimwear stores and fewer bikinis than ever, and very young girls have already told me that it is carrying again and much! I feel better, my gut is no longer for many looks, and there is so much variety and styles that the truth, or I think.

Start my search for the perfect swimsuit 2016. Will you join me?

The same white and ready to buy here and stamped with flowers here

Premise number one; that mark the great guy that does not have. Yes, I know, despite the pilates and a little diet make this year to better see me, I have no measures of model, or approach that they had with 30 years (who recovered them, 30, your measurements!)

Premise number two; to be modernete but it is not. I don’t want to look like a lady from beach of those only the rubber bathing cap missing that with daisies in relief. I want to a juvenile court, feels well and a pattern or a fashionable color.

That can buy it online; It is not fundamental premise because there are many nice bath shops in Madrid, but I know that you for many of you if it will be, we will strive to be available also online.

And that is not black… oh… Yes!. So we’re going to fool black bathing suits sit better than none.

Well, that said, here are three brands I’ve tried in different places and they feel great. Those who collect you what to pick up but are not marked on the leg or get lost in the neckline:


Valencian brand that I discovered in an ideal store of Sancti Petri (Chiclana, Cadiz) prints super modern, small, geometric, stripes and flowers.

Colors that make you look more beautiful and brown skin and a fabulous fabric that does not carry pastes in the leg and that however does not move…

And different cuts that are best suited to what you feel TI…

You find them in your own shop in SIYU.es


It is a French brand, but will find you at El Corte Inglés and in shop Zalando. I really like the strap to one side black and light waves in the neck and I tried it I feel very good. You know that you never mess with black and also always takes. but there are also other options like these stripes, clear up, dark below, to lighten in the hips…

On the occasion of the year, tropical green leaves that fill wallpapers, textiles, tableware… If you want a swimsuit of absolute trend and strapless neckline looks this .

Of the IODUS also this one in eucalyptus green. You can not imagine as it is, despite looking so quite basic. It seems that you’re wearing a girdle of those two sizes less but you can breathe as the rest of us and you don’t tighten anywhere…

It has a rubber and an interior holding chest which, regardless of Bowl rings, puts you all in your website. And one that has true rebel cleavage, has been impressed by how feel…


The Portuguese are very good designers of bathroom and this brand has a few bikinis and precious triquinis, but bathing suits are also worthy of mention. It has a good online shop and a table to find your perfect size.

Find me it curious that three brands is the only one that instagram has and that as a result you found them. Bravo for the companies that are up to date!

If you’re more of bikini and looking for something beyond the typical triangle don’t take a look at his collection 2016 because there are real wonders.

And here we have found your model, but my style is like yours, visit my Pinterest panel Let’s go shopping!, where I’m keeping the clothes that I buy already. There is much more to see!

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