Swimwear According To Your Body

How To Choose Swimwear According To Your Body?
All women are different and some complicate the time to choose a swimsuit with which we are comfortable and fashionable.

Every year the fashion changes a little

Patterns are in vogue this summer, some of them are lines (vertical or horizontal, depending on body type) frames, polka dots, flowers and animal print; It is important not to forget the smooth that remain fashionable and the white and black especially that do not go out of fashion.
Types Of Body

It is important to know what our body type is when it comes to choosing a swimsuit, it is not that a body type is perfect, but if we can highlight the parts of our body that favor us more depending on the swimsuit.


It is the type of body that has shoulders and hips of similar width and well defined waist;With this body it is important to highlight the waist, if it is with a full bathing suit make sure that it has colors at the waist or some belt, detail that stands out.


It is the body with hip and thighs wider than shoulders and waist, the waist can be very marked. (An example of this body is Beyonce’s) Always try to direct attention upwards, it can be with light colors up and dark down.

Inverted triangle:

They are bodies wider of the shoulders and more narrow in the hips, the women who have this type of body can have big bust. Avoid attracting attention at the top, with dark colors and light colors at the top your hips stand out, holanes or striking patterns at the hip.

Straight or rectangular:

It is the type of body that has little defined the waist, so you have to try to bring attention to this parate, with lighter colors, prints or glitters in that area.

Something that favors a lot of this type of body is the trikini that is fashionable and makes the body look more acted, there are smooth, but narrow, with prints, crocheted fabrics (They are in fashion). Those with the broad abdomen favor women with voluptuous bodies and those with narrow abdomen to women with thin bodies.