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Ashley Greene Donna Karan Dress

Ashley Greene was one of the most glamorous appearances at this year ‘s Fashion Week newyorkse, in the front row for his favorite designer, Donna Karan, on the occasion both of the DKNY fashion show, that of the regular one that bears the name of the designer. The young actress of the movie saga “Twilight” has certainly did not miss the opportunity to show off… Read more →

Most Beautiful Dress at the Oscars

Do a ranking of the most beautiful mini dresses of the Oscars is very difficult, because only in recent years have seen the red carpet really wonderful where the most chic celebrity in the world have to show off the most beautiful creations of haute couture designers most in demand. We could not begin without Marilyn Monroe that Oscar we never arrived, although for years an icon… Read more →

Diane Von Furstenberg Dress

The Belgian designer Diane Von Furstenberg presents us a small preview of his collection autumn winter 2012 2013 style retro but also very rock, with unexpected touches of color. The brand of designer parades every year at New York Fashion Week , to be held in the large apple 9 to 16 February, and waiting to see the entire collection on the catwalk how about get an idea… Read more →

MTV Movie Awards Best Dressed

At the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, the clothes and outfits of celebrities are also present this year an opportunity to make a balance between celebrities whose style evolves and others that do not surrender to stereotypes without being able to find a personal mood. Star very young and less young people have proven themselves on this red carpet that has seen the eccentric look and more… Read more →

Women’s Retro Style Swimsuits Trend

Retro-style fashion in recent seasons confidently won their positions, so it is no wonder that swimwear visible. Extreme openness bordering, giving way to elegant femininity and swimwear, which met pants with high waist, fully this responsibility. If models in style pin-up, in which the bottom of the kit are completely closes the navel (in the fifties of bereave him not… Read more →

Angelina Jolie Critics Choice Awards Dress

Today we see the look that the gorgeous Angelina Jolie wore at the ceremony of the New York Film Critics Circle Awards 2011, which took place Monday, January 9th in New York. The American actress chose a total look and Salvatore Ferragamo, while being elegant and beautiful, this time it was Brad Pitt to steal the scene… The poor Brad occurred on the red carpet with… Read more →

Kate Beckinsale Dress Style

Even Kate Beckinsale falls into the trap of golden Christian Louboutin, becoming part of the long row of celebrity shoe designer who worship him and his more eccentric creations. For the gorgeous actress began promotional rounds for the new film of the saga “Underworld”, the fourth, in which it will return to wearing overalls superaderenti in black leather, those who have consecrated to the big… Read more →

Emporio Armani Short Dress

Emporio Armani took to the catwalk to suggest his women’s collection for spring summer 2013, a real triumph of minimal style, all focused on short dresses, asymmetrical cuts and metal inserts that make shine the Queen of King George with gold and silver. We are now in the second day of Milan fashion week, the Festival of Milan that began with the biggest names in… Read more →

Sarah Michelle Gellar Golden Globes Dress

Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on the red carpet of the Golden Globes with a summer dress dream that she says was chosen by the two year old daughter! It was a bit ‘we were looking actress among the great names of Olympus Hollywood, it’s been years now since the character of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has consecrated as a reference point in a genre that from the… Read more →

Kate Beckinsale Dress Style

Kate Beckinsale again the star of the Hollywood scene, and sure enough, his comeback inevitably involves the Maniac of Brian Atwood! Around the promotion of the last chapter of the saga urban fantasy “Underworld” which is already in theaters, the beautiful actress away from a bit ‘from the big screen, still displays once a very interesting look and a stunning silhouette. The choice for her outfit… Read more →

Angelina Jolie Sag Awards Dress

The rumors wanted her pregnant with another child, a child who was going to join the tribe of children born and adopted with partner Brad Pitt, but in photos of her red carpet at the annual SAG Awards 2012 I saw an Angelina Jolie elegant and flawless but more and more lean, much too. If there was something that made ​​Angelina Jolie beautiful was her perfect physique that, possibly because… Read more →

Eva Longoria Victoria Beckham Dress

Ok, it’s official, Eva Longoria loves the style of Victoria Beckham ! You would you have guessed that the former singer of Spice Girl later became known as the wife of David Beckham the player would reach a success even bigger as a designer? Personally, I am having lived the period of his debut as a singer, everything I expected except this! But her collections are going great,… Read more →

Zoe Saldana Elie Saab Dress

Wrong wearing a dress Elie Saab ‘s really hard if you have more on your side of the charm and beauty soap and Zoe Saldana the company will be even more difficult. The American actress, star of the blockbuster movie of all time ” Avatar”, has been immortalized on the red carpet of the Latin Grammy Awards of 2011 with a beautiful of the Lebanese designer dress, a look that… Read more →

Maison Martin Margiela Long Dress

Maison Martin Margiela parades at Paris Haute Couture with his new collection for the autumn/winter 2012 2013. A Couture, the label headed by founder and President of the Italian brand Diesel, vanguard in style that has always been mixed with a combination of look retro and contemporary look that at the same time is definitely a winner. We discover together fashion haute couture by Maison Martin Margiela, who closed… Read more →