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Trend Alert: Velvet Shoes!

Today’s post is for girls who are in love with velvet shoes–Yes, they’re back with everything and are more cool than ever! For some this tendency can be weird, for fashionistas is very welcome, after all, is a way to innovate in footwear and add more personality to looks. Not to mention the Velvet shoes are great for putting more texture to your production–is much more interesting… Read more →

The Return of Shoes

¿Does who says that the shoes are only for running? Down the street, at events, even on fashion runways! Shoes of life are no longer just for going to the gym or practice sport in the open air: now, the shoes will be part of your daily outfit Yes or Yes,get some Olympus and discover with J’ j’hayber how to dress… Read more →

Command Gioseppo, Shoes for a Better World

As we learn from our children right? In relation to recycling I haven’t been, nor am I a good example. Yes I do other actions impacting packed in our everyday life and a little bit on mother nature: save water and electricity, for example. I’m turning off lights throughout the day, something I learned from my mother. However on other… Read more →

Crocs Kids Sandals

The  Crocs Kids Sandals  offer comfort and style at the foot of the children, can be found for sale on the market in different models. The children’s shoes surprise with modern appearance, color combination and structure resistant to all types of impacts. Read more →

Trend Alert: Oxford Shoes

Throw the first stiletto who hasn’t had the urge to buy an Oxford! Like everything here in Brazil, it took a few seasons for the trend came onto the streets. The same thing happened with the jump half a paw, peep toes, clogs and boots. But one thing is for sure, I think the oxfords are here to stay and take turns with the… Read more →

Sandals for Wedding by Day-Custom Sandals

Many couples prefer daytime marriage, which is becoming more and more common.  The traditional is usually the evening wedding, but both have a special and different charm. Wedding during the day requires decoration and many other different items. The clothes of the guests and of the brides, for example, is something that should adorn with the climate. If the day is sunny and… Read more →

Gisele Bundchen Butterflies Sandals

Every season Gisele Budchen launches a new collection of footwear aimed at the female audience. The model is an inspiration for Grendene designers to create modern, comfortable and sophisticated pieces. The line Butterflies promises to be successful among women who bet on a soft costume to enjoy the spring-summer months. Read more →