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The Five Commandments To Wear Leggings

The leggings, that as comfortable garment that invades both streets and walkways and that most of us use normally. But the question is do we know to use them correctly? The leggings are a garment that if used properly can Stylize our figure in a spectacular way, but that if used incorrectly can damage figure from the very same Gisele Bundchen. So you’re that come… Read more →

How to Wear Mini Skirts

In the 60s, even a scandal, now a classic: the miniskirt. The following questions and answers about the garment.   Who can wear a miniskirt? The miniskirt is to look at the legs free completely. This means that even small fat pads, tight calves or slightly shorter legs are undisguised. Beautiful and – more importantly – groomed legs are the… Read more →

Casual Cargo Pants Buying Guide

While the sporty pants characterized at the time by a wide, casual cut, the cargo pants by today a real new interpretation experience! Slim, form-fitting cuts to replace the former casual look with wide fit. The characteristic, mounted at the side of the thigh pockets that make the cargo pants style have remained. Cargo pants are worn just a few… Read more →

Tops that make you look great at all times

Women always love to stay well dressed wherever they go. Hence they need a variety of apparels like dresses, suits, jeans, jackets, tops and others in their wardrobes. Designers today are extremely innovative and are presenting customers with amazing women’s tops that are comfortable, fashionable and unique. If you wish to establish your own style statement and look fantastic at… Read more →

Women’s Sweaters that Looks Good on Jeans

Helmut Lang’s See-Through Knit Pullover Sweater Helmut Lang is a self-taught Austrian fashion designer who enjoyed moderate success in Vienna before he decided to migrate to Paris and opened a fashion label that bears his name. Lang loves to use black and gray fabrics. As a result his style is described as minimalist but extremely elegant. The brand name was… Read more →

Women Dresses that portray your style

Just as women love to dress up in style, designers too are eager to offer women with elegant dresses and new cuts and fits that would make them look really beautiful and attractive. Hence women dresses are available in plenty of designs and colors to choose from. There are certain points that you should keep in mind when selecting your… Read more →