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I Also Want A Bra Sexy

A couple of weeks ago I said the theme of the new breasts, latex or fiber, but clear… to where I put them in my clips? As the solution is pretty easy, but damn, we must renew the wardrobe because anything you have with ring serves. Read more →

Is It Good To Do Sport Without A Sports Bra?

Good evening world, I want to tell my experience with fasteners sports and talk about which are suitable for each exercise. A couple of months ago I started to do some sport. Although working in a lingerie and I give a thousand and one day tips on using the right bra to make sport, when I started with this routine I… Read more →

Is It Damaging To Sleep With A Bra?

Supporters of the use of the bra admit that it is not good to use it for more than 7 hours in a row, nor at night. We must allow proper lymphatic circulation to avoid problems. The subject of the use of the bra is, always, something controversial. Is it beneficial or is it harmful? Whether or not it is used by 80%… Read more →