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How To Combine Your Leggings?

Leggings Throughout The Year. Perfect Combinations! Today, in any Cabinet of every girl can find a type of garment since a few years ago they put fashion have become indispensable: the leggings.And it is that they are a versatile, useful garment and that combine very well with different types of clothing, making them our closet wildcard, whether for formal or informal looks. Read more →

The Five Commandments To Wear Leggings

The leggings, that as comfortable garment that invades both streets and walkways and that most of us use normally. But the question is do we know to use them correctly? The leggings are a garment that if used properly can Stylize our figure in a spectacular way, but that if used incorrectly can damage figure from the very same Gisele Bundchen. So you’re that come… Read more →

Tips Use And History Of The Leggings (Informal Fashion)

The leggings, these articles of clothing covering legs from the feet to the waist, stormed the fashion world back in the 1980s when singers like Marta Sánchez and, above all, Madonna, began them to use wanting to give a personal, relaxed and natural touch to your images of pop divas. Subsequently other celebrities such as Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton… Read more →

Material Used for Leggings

Easy to live, the leggings is a model of simplicity dress. This tight shorts has established itself in our wardrobes. Versatile, we love the summer, with a loose tank top, a blindfold and a pair of tennis and winter, we love his opaque side, that one associates with a printed tunic and boots. Hotter than a sticky, the leggings are collectible in… Read more →

How to Combine Leggings in the Right Way

The leggings are a convenient and versatile garment and restated for years now in different styles: blacks, colored, patterned fabric, leather, lycra, remodeling or jeans etc, should not miss in the closet of girls and women of all ages, but you are safe to wear them in the right way? In many they think they can use them as substitutes pants,… Read more →

How to Wear Blue Pants

The colored pants are a trend that is gradually gaining ground in the market and in the women’s wardrobe. The blue in all its shades has stood out among the other colors, but to use this color properly we must look at a few details: The shade of blue that will be used; The type of pants (fabric); And especially the quality of the pants fabric. Blue… Read more →