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Type Of Sandals According To Your Foot

Choosing the type of sandals for the periodmore heat is not a task easy. Since many times you find the one you like but it ends up being aruin. So do not worry anymore, this is the yearyou’ll hit the first. Today in demodaybelleza we discover the type of sandals that best suit you and we also teach you websites to get you with this shoe without ruining you. It’s time to show off beautiful feetwith the perfect sandals for them! Want to knowwhat is the type of shoes you most favor? Get ready to start! Read more →

Shoes to Wear to Beach

Introduction With the approaching summer season you also start thinking about where you can spend your holidays or at least a few days of relaxation in a seaside resort. When there is going to prepare the suitcase for departure one must also take into account the type of footwear more suitable to wear on the beach or a walk along the sea. In this guide we show you 5 types of shoes that we can to… Read more →

Salvatore Ferragamo New Collection Handbags

Ferragamo pays tribute to its origins and it has the accessories beautiful made ​​of straw and raffia, humble materials and poor since the beginning of his mission glamor, Ferragamo used, combining them with precious leathers, so you have new accessories and original. Straw and woven raffia and worked scrupulously even back in the spring summer 2011 and we have bags and shoes in bright tones and appealing that they’ll lose… Read more →

Golden Globe Sandra Bullock Dress

The Golden Globe in 2014 have this year a celebration of feminine beauty and high fashion of the most important fashion houses in the world. Many looks that have left speechless on the red carpet event number one of the new fashion season, the most classic and refined, but especially the most special outfit like the one worn by Emma Watson. To make even… Read more →

How to Become A Footwear Buyer

Shop thedressexplorer is a distributor of many different types of shoes and boots. You negotiate, among other things, delicious quality products by the brand Relaxshoe and may very soon be presenting an exciting selection of shoes from thedressexplorer, who becomes a part of our range for spring.   At the store you will not only be able to find Muhammed ordinary… Read more →