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Looks Street Style in The Paris Autumn-Winter 2010 Fashion Week / 2011

A season closes the curtain of the fashion weeks and the point and end the most emblematic of all of them put it: the of Paris. There the houses of fashion with more weight and history and the most recent fashionistas congregate. Anonymous, editors, models, celebrities and it girls. All of them with a common denominator: the style innate. Or acquired. That live… Read more →

Guide: Spring Shoes

The shoes are in many ways the most important part of the wardrobe. Days when fashion inspiration is tight, it is nice to be able to rely on ever-stylish shoes. And for those who want to update their shoe wardrobe for spring, here’s a little inspiration. Read more →

Lacquer Spray on Shoes

One thing was to be said beforehand , who thinks lacquer-shoes are delicate and only a remnant of past days, is wrong. The lacquer shoe is again one of the favorite pieces of the designer this season. Whether it’s a ballerina, a high heel or a pump, this shoe offers a variety of timeless design. If the all-over models do not appeal, it is based on small lacquer… Read more →

How to Style A Tulle Skirt

The tulle skirt is one of the must-haves this year. The sweet skirts may look alluring or fabulously beautiful. They have the advantage that they simply superimpose large, wide hips. With the right combination chubby ladies can ensure emphasize her cleavage or her legs. Hinzukriegen A great styling with a tulle skirt XXL, is not difficult. The important thing is that you have a… Read more →

Kate Beckinsale Dress Style

Even Kate Beckinsale falls into the trap of golden Christian Louboutin, becoming part of the long row of celebrity shoe designer who worship him and his more eccentric creations. For the gorgeous actress began promotional rounds for the new film of the saga “Underworld”, the fourth, in which it will return to wearing overalls superaderenti in black leather, those who have consecrated to the big… Read more →

Shoes to Wear to Beach

Introduction With the approaching summer season you also start thinking about where you can spend your holidays or at least a few days of relaxation in a seaside resort. When there is going to prepare the suitcase for departure one must also take into account the type of footwear more suitable to wear on the beach or a walk along the sea. In this guide we show you 5 types of shoes that we can to… Read more →

Learn to Combine Jewelry, Dresses and Shoes

Well, it’s simple! Dress, accessories minimized. When a piece is attracting attention, let call, but that piece (How to combine accessories with patterned dresses). Shoes, now, should be neutral and the jewels, more discreet. But, if the jewels have many ornaments, then look for those that have similar colors with the color of the dress. This serves both to the floral prints and animal… Read more →

Heidi Klum Versace Dress

Heidi Klum, the beautiful supermodel German host of the reality show Project Runway, wore a Versace from the new autumn winter collection 2011 2012 . The occasion was the Nickeloden Teen Nick HALO Awards, a formal event but not too much, and Heidi Klum It managed to be stylish without going overboard with a lovely dress with a vintage style and motifs 60s. A current look, the trend and spirited… Read more →

Marc by Marc Jacobs Stretch Suiting Dress

Even Marc by Marc Jacobs presented his collection of women’s fashion for spring-summer 2013 during the fashion week in the Big Apple: New York Fashion Week were already many fashion brands that they proposed their glamour with fashion trends that will be hot in the coming season. The prints are the must haves for spring-summer it will be and we see an enormous use of entertaining and original reasons even in… Read more →

Emilio Pucci Long Dress

There are clothes that are born under a lucky star, as well as under the same star, there are also bags, shoes, jewelry and people, I do not believe to be under this lucky star, and you friends Pour Femme Fashion? Under this beautiful star is definitely the dress in lace and velvet Emilio Pucci, a really cute dress that is part of the autumn… Read more →

How to Become A Footwear Buyer

Shop thedressexplorer is a distributor of many different types of shoes and boots. You negotiate, among other things, delicious quality products by the brand Relaxshoe and may very soon be presenting an exciting selection of shoes from thedressexplorer, who becomes a part of our range for spring.   At the store you will not only be able to find Muhammed ordinary… Read more →