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I Also Want A Bra Sexy

A couple of weeks ago I said the theme of the new breasts, latex or fiber, but clear… to where I put them in my clips? As the solution is pretty easy, but damn, we must renew the wardrobe because anything you have with ring serves. Read more →

Choosing A Sports Bra For Large Sizes

In a blog intended to talk about sport between women could not miss this entry. And is that choosing a proper bra is key to feel comfortable doing sports. More so when we use large sizes. The problem is that in almost no store we find special fasteners to make sport in large sizes. I attest to that. But we do not give up! Here… Read more →

Is It Good To Do Sport Without A Sports Bra?

Good evening world, I want to tell my experience with fasteners sports and talk about which are suitable for each exercise. A couple of months ago I started to do some sport. Although working in a lingerie and I give a thousand and one day tips on using the right bra to make sport, when I started with this routine I… Read more →

Best Support Bra for Sports

Every woman who sports or running, can not do without a good sports bra. A good sportbh provides adequate cushioning and support, and may occur in the short and long term pain symptoms. What is a good sports bra? What requirements must a good sports bra sports woman meet? Should women with small breasts also carries a sports bra? What sizes are available, good support… Read more →

How to Choose a Sports Bra

Running with your shoes, ski in jeans or do a yoga session with your best skirt suits would not come to the idea. Each sport requires for your comfort, your performance and to prevent the risk of injury adapted equipment. Yet there are many sports to use their bras everyday to make their sports sessions even though almost 60% of women experience pain because… Read more →