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Vintage T-Shirts

The vintage t- shirts are always shirts with the idols of always, shirts with much history that hit hard this summer. Music, cinema and sport have fed us a long list of idols and icons with a lot of history.The graphics with these protagonists are no longer just designs, they are images that are part of the popular imagination, being… Read more →

Type Of Sandals According To Your Foot

Choosing the type of sandals for the periodmore heat is not a task easy. Since many times you find the one you like but it ends up being aruin. So do not worry anymore, this is the yearyou’ll hit the first. Today in demodaybelleza we discover the type of sandals that best suit you and we also teach you websites to get you with this shoe without ruining you. It’s time to show off beautiful feetwith the perfect sandals for them! Want to knowwhat is the type of shoes you most favor? Get ready to start! Read more →

Leighton Meester Balmain Dress

The other first woman of Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, could not miss the celebrations for the first 100 episodes of the series that launched it and made ​​it a now undisputed benchmark for the teenager – and I suspect also for whom the reigning! – Precisely because of its more chic and sophisticated style choices. Of course, Meester unlike Lively, has less freedom of… Read more →

Jessica Alba Gold Versace Dress

Her dress will not find in most stores, since the capsule collection is moved quickly, but we of Pour Femme Fashion we want to show it because when a star as low cost we always delighted. Even if the dress in question is significantly less economical. I’m talking about the mini-dress sported by actress Jessica Alba on the occasion of the presentation of the fashion show in New York “Versace… Read more →

Ethnic Dress Around The World

Simply drag and done! That’s the best thing about clothes-and in summer even without tights! Tighten fast will not do. And who wants to be with his swimsuit in trend, the ethnic look of these days should not lose sight of. Therefore I have for you from the new collection manguun ethnic dress selected and tested: Read more →

Amanda Seyfried Valentino Dress

The beautiful actress Amanda Seyfried was photographed with Valentino Fleurs Couture tote, this bag has been one of the successes of the Italian designer label, a glamorous and glitzy model that was proposed in the spring summer collection 2010 and that, loved it to Amanda, who for several months if the door always around. The Valentino Fleurs Couture Tote is a purely summer… Read more →

Salma Hayek Golden Globes Dress

On the occasion of the Golden Globes in 2012 the beautiful Mexican actress Salma Hayek wore a Gucci Premiere gown that Frida Giannini has created for her. Frida Giannini is the artistic director of the Florentine fashion house Gucci, as well as creating the pret-a-porter lines and those of accessories and children, also creates this fabulous line of haute couture, the Gucci Premiere. The line Gucci Premiere debuted on the red… Read more →

Rooney Mara Givenchy Dress

These days we often talk of Rooney Mara and its simple style and well cared for.Today we see the look that this pretty American actress showed off in Japan on the occasion of the premiere of the film “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo “in Tokyo. Rooney Mara chooses a Givenchy dress from the spring summer 2012 collection, a futuristic model with three-dimensional decoration that is really… Read more →

Ashley Greene Donna Karan Dress

Ashley Greene was one of the most glamorous appearances at this year ‘s Fashion Week newyorkse, in the front row for his favorite designer, Donna Karan, on the occasion both of the DKNY fashion show, that of the regular one that bears the name of the designer. The young actress of the movie saga “Twilight” has certainly did not miss the opportunity to show off… Read more →

Most Beautiful Dress at the Oscars

Do a ranking of the most beautiful mini dresses of the Oscars is very difficult, because only in recent years have seen the red carpet really wonderful where the most chic celebrity in the world have to show off the most beautiful creations of haute couture designers most in demand. We could not begin without Marilyn Monroe that Oscar we never arrived, although for years an icon… Read more →

MTV Movie Awards Best Dressed

At the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, the clothes and outfits of celebrities are also present this year an opportunity to make a balance between celebrities whose style evolves and others that do not surrender to stereotypes without being able to find a personal mood. Star very young and less young people have proven themselves on this red carpet that has seen the eccentric look and more… Read more →

Design Your Own Accessories Jewelry

Bracelets That Are Comfortable to Wear in Warm Weather Sun kissed skin with beautiful bracelets, rings and sticking tattoos I find beautiful! And when I see those “Mood” images on Instagram or Facebook, I distribute like hardworking Likes. Best yet, if the person has it perfectly streaked hair with beautiful curls and wearing a summery dress. But much Klimbim arm at +… Read more →