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Women’s Retro Style Swimsuits Trend

Retro-style fashion in recent seasons confidently won their positions, so it is no wonder that swimwear visible. Extreme openness bordering, giving way to elegant femininity and swimwear, which met pants with high waist, fully this responsibility. If models in style pin-up, in which the bottom of the kit are completely closes the navel (in the fifties of bereave him not… Read more →

Balenciaga Bathing Suit

I am sure that you too are already trying the costumes for the ‘summer 2011, if you are uncertain about new trends or just want some advice, today we present photographs of an editorial that the new issue of Vogue Russia, a focus on the most stylish costumes 2011. the swimsuits are one of the most complicated garments to choose from, it’s hard to make… Read more →