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Backpack Sewing Guide

Backpack sewing: The pattern The specified dimensions result in a back length of 61 cm to a maximum volume of about 42 liters. However, due to the roll-top closure on top of the volume can be reduced somewhat. The page also union Kompresssionsriemen allow a more compact pack the backpack. Do you have a shorter back length, the volume is reduced accordingly. Tips for correct Measure… Read more →

How to Sew Lined Dress

Grandma’s help, we asked about this in the lining dress stitching, and believe it or not, I have never forgotten a promise wonderful sewing instructions. I’m just kyylännyt my eyes ache nearest Marimekko shops selling movement that it When will chick might that arrive there. A great dream when you would do precisely Muijasta it kind of lined the SAC… Read more →

Plus Size Blouses for Ladies

How to Choose a Beautiful Blouse for Full Figure Women by Type If women’s hips wider than shoulders must be given to products with light-colored V-shaped neckline. Combining stands with a dark bottom, such as trousers or skirt pencil. If shoulders wide hips, the distribution of colors of clothing is to do exactly vice versa. Blouse must also have an oval.… Read more →