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Kate Winslet Stella McCartney Dress

Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet are two beautiful actresses and loved by the public all over the world, I love the casual style, elegant and refined Kate, is never exaggerated and brings with her ​​curves pride, his first wrinkles and hold it steadfast to his moral principles. Liv Tyler and Kate Winslet are united by their unbridled passion for fashion of Stella McCartney, often wear… Read more →

Jessica Alba Gold Versace Dress

Her dress will not find in most stores, since the capsule collection is moved quickly, but we of Pour Femme Fashion we want to show it because when a star as low cost we always delighted. Even if the dress in question is significantly less economical. I’m talking about the mini-dress sported by actress Jessica Alba on the occasion of the presentation of the fashion show in New York “Versace… Read more →

Jennifer Lopez American Idol Dress

Jennifer Lopez was photographed in California for “American Idol” on two occasions, first for the hearings and then for the show trials. Jennifer Lopez is a woman truly beautiful and it seems that even in his case, the divorce to have done very well, is more seductive and radiant than ever. Jennifer relies on the Italian fashion brand Salvatore Ferragamo, but also to “The Row” (founded by… Read more →

Alexis Mabille Couture Dress

Alexis Mabille parades at Paris Haute Couture proposing its elegant and refined collection of Haute Couture for fall winter 2012 2013, feminine style but that, at times, more masculine look defile himself with sa. The Paris fashion week is, as you know everyone, an event in which only some brands we offer their haute couture collections, those sexy dresses characterized by experimentation in fabrics and innovative… Read more →

Warm & Stylish- Snowboard Jackets for Women

Snowboard jackets Airblaster for women from the Winter Collection 2014 Clothes make the man and woman’s snowboard jackets keep board sports enthusiastic women also warm and dry. For Laying brands like Burton, Roxy, Zimtstern or Oakley hands into the fire. Modern ski and snowboard jackets are high quality processed and convincing many functional features. High water column, breathability and effective… Read more →