Tankinis in XXL

Many women wear like airy beachwear, which go up easily and loosely on the body and ensures a pleasant feeling of freedom in the summer. Today also the so-called Tankinis, which are now available in many different sizes and shapes in addition to bathing suits and bikinis are particularly popular. Because not every woman can wear clothes in size zero, there are many Tankini models in large sizes. Because you let the female forms of a woman wonderful come to validity and superfluous kilos let cheat away in the blink of an eye! Chubby women can make a great figure on the beach, at the lake or in the private garden.


The Tankini is the latest trend in swimwear.

Tankinis in XXL

Many women love the optical and technical and cut benefits it offers a mixture of bikini and swimsuit. The Tankini consists of a pair of trousers and a sleeveless top, which is however different from the upper part of the bikini. The Tankini top covers a portion of the abdomen much like a tank top and can conceal with refined cuts problem areas.


Tankinis in dark hues stretch the character visually and thus provide a sleek appearance. With certain patterns, the attention can be focused targeting of problem areas. Mostly trousers with deep leg is recommended for women who wear bikinis of XXL, because the figure is stretched and the legs longer work. Thus, a harmonious overall impression can be created with simple means. With deep leg cut-outs and high back support and stability is guaranteed the woman and the body is well proportioned.


Tankinis in XXL should manufactured from high-quality material that provides good support and grip. These are mainly nylon, elastane and polyamide. These materials are breathable, quick drying, and provide a soft feel on your body.


Currently, BBW has a wide range of Tankinis in XXL. Again, there are also certain trend colors and patterns that are worn by fashion conscious women. This season in shades of Aqua, retro looks, swimwear, with animal and floral designs trendy, Tankinis, are with Ruffles and Tankinis!