The 10 Essential Purchases for This Spring Summer 2009

Is time to start thinking about filling our wardrobe with the new garments for the season Spring-Summer 2009. You have to make the most of the limited budget that we have, particularly in these times that run, and with 10 basic shopping, renew all our wardrobe and make us always to the latest fashion. These are the essential items you need for this summer:

1) notched flowers dress, the more large and colorful are flowers, better. We have examples of Topshop, Primark, H & M and Mango, Choose your favorite.
2) A few platform and high heel sandals. If they are in Python print, better, because this summer will devastate.
3) Ethnic bangles to decorate your dolls, choosing them wide and carries several together.
4) A worn cowboy, washed with bleach or acid. Stores already have your model.

5) A short jacket or Bullfighter. This garment dazzled us all in the fashion show Spring/Summer 2009 of Chanel, and in celebrated Haute Couture parades last week have been razed. In version smoking they are perfect to wear with the dress of flowers.

6) We have already said, this summer will not pass without a Diver.

7) A denim shirt. Returns the style of a cowboy and the denim fabric will look on all types of garments. Rescue some old shirt you have on the Cabinet to carry with a miniskirt or pants skinny of colors.

8) A garment in neon shades that will give color to your wardrobe. It may be worth a belt, sneakers or a pole if you dare not with total look fosforito. Combine it with white, black clothing or nude to counteract excess color.

9) A dress in color BEIs or makeup, will be perfect with pink sandals.

10) A harem pants. Sure, you’ve already done with ones, because they take several seasons of fashion. This summer will be in delicate fabrics like satin, to create an effect Pajama, or in more rough fabrics such as cloth tracksuit, for a sporty look.