The 12 Must-Haves

Crop tops

A trend that was seen initially as exclusive to fashion with a perfect abdomen models has grown and has adapted to all kinds of bodies demonstrating their versatility.

Midi to waist skirt

Usually accompanied by the crop top is skirt midi at the waist, a garment that has the virtue of turning everything it touches in sexy and elegant according to


The girls always has liked to walk along the heights and this year this need was filled by platform shoes, especially the flatforms, which give you height and are very comfortable, although the eye not trained are not nothing aesthetic.


From one day to another person and his mom had a pair of these sandals, celebrities came out of their houses with them and for a summer, these shoes that were considered ugly and outdated, were the rage, and all were addicted to the Birkenstock.

From head to toe

Along with the trend of the crop and the skirt midi came the combined. This stage trend came renewed and more modern than ever with modern clean and prints and classic cuts.


Combining the convenience of a short arete and the impact of one long became the earcuff, a piece that does both statement and a necklace or a bracelet and is the perfect complement to collected hair days.

Oversized coats

This year there was nothing cool to stay warm than an oversized coat, a modern piece and timeless that you can live in your wardrobe for years.


There is no way of avoiding them, leggings are the new jeans, a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. Although I am not 100% fan of this trend must admit its practicality and comfort, with the variety that there are and if used correctly, they are an incredible piece.

Cat eye

I don’t know a girl who has not tried to overcome its pulse of maraquera and try to make the cat eye. An, apparently, simple style that opens the eyes and makes you look arranged without much apparent, effort. The problem is that dominate the brush is damn hard, so either way, we have all by 2015 to keep practicing.

Ankle boots

Perhaps it was that I spent practically year-round in cold areas, but this year for my boots were a key piece and I saw everywhere, easy to combine and versatile are a piece that will never fail in my closet.

Wide-leg pants

Following the footsteps of Olivia Pope in Scandal, wide-leg trouser was a must during the year. Ideal for the wardrobe of any woman who is beginning his career and wants to look elegant without having to resort to the, already frayed, typical black pants tailor.


This was the year of ugly shoes, the Birkenstock, the platforms and the shoes, but I’ve always had a special place in my heart for these, I think that footwear is where most can afford to have something strange or unique and styles this year are proof of this. The shoes are perfect for your convenience and because they carry an air of menswear intrinsic to balance up the outfit more cute.

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