The 8 Best 2017 Virtual Reality Glasses

Are you looking for a quality VR glasses? Here you will find a selection of the best virtual reality glasses, with different finishes, colors and many features, so you can choose the ones that best suit what you are looking for.

The 8 Best 2017 Virtual Reality Glasses

Topop Virtual Reality Glasses

Topop virtual reality glasses of total quality. With these VR glasses you get the best possible visual experience in three dimensions. Thanks to them the scenarios of the movies you are watching or the games that you are playing will become totally exciting and very interesting. In addition, these glasses are totally healthy for your eyes, because they protect them and do not damage them in any way.

They also have a pad on the inside that ensurescomfort , where you can place a phone safely, without it suffering any damage and is compatible with a large number of Android devices and iPhone.The focal length is easily adjustable so that the double image effect can not be produced and can be adjusted with one hand.

Vr Arealer Glasses

These Arealer virtual reality glasses belong to the second generation of these devices. With much more special and advanced features, thanks to these glasses you can live the parallel reality in the first person. It is a VR glasses that have been specially designed to be used with smartphones, especially for smartphones between 3.5 and 6 inches and that are compatible with Android, iOS and PC.

Connect your smartphone and start enjoying your games, or watch your movies in private, in two and three dimensions. In addition, it will convert the two-dimensional into three dimensions. It is a device made with high quality materials, with which you will not suffer fatigue or dizziness and with which you will be able to immerse yourself in a new world of adventure, with an adjustable design very comfortable and practical.

Vr Excelvan Glasses

Adjustable glasses brand Excelvan that have a twelve month warranty. These special glasses are ready to add a mobile phone between 4 and 6 inches, and can be used by anyone. If you want to play or watch a movie with them, you only have to adjust, easily and safely, the distance and the focal length of the object.

The design, when mounted on the head, is fitted with a variable strap and is very easy to carry on.You can enjoy a new virtual reality experience anytime, anywhere. The distance simulates a viewing at 150 inches from a distance of three meters, as well as 360 degrees for videos.Interesting option among the adjustable glasses on the market.

Simple Glasses Vr Telmu

Simple Telmu glasses with a practical two-in-one design, combining a classic mobile phone case with 3D glasses. This case, besides protecting your phone from all the blows you may suffer, will also allow you to watch 3D movies or play games wherever you are. It is made with ABS and spherical resin lenses, which help improve the 3D effect and visual experience.

You can give up going to the cinema since with these glasses of easy use compatible with smartphone and iPhone 6 you will have the same benefits. In addition, you can take them anywhere, because its weight is very light and its design very comfortable. They can have a very long shelf life if they are treated with care and provide you with a new and fully recommended experience.

Glasses Vr Headset With Innovative Design

Original virtual reality glasses Headset that have a special and innovative design. Thanks to these glasses you can turn your mobile phone into a virtual reality viewer that will allow you to work correctly and play as if you were in the place of the video game. These glasses are available in various colors and are compatible with iOS and Android.

Thanks to this model you can discover a new world, because the experience is excellent in games, videos or movies. A 360 degree experience with panoramic view, with an ergonomic design, soft and innovative, comfortable to use at any time. These resin glasses cover the eye with complete safety and are not harmful to health or produce visual fatigue of any kind.

Vr Iharbort Glasses In White

These simple glasses of the brand iHarbort in white are a great option to introduce you to the world of virtual reality because it is a resin glasses with high definition and a quality operation. The lens type reduces optical deformity and reflexes.They also have foam and adjustable straps that make the glasses very comfortable.

In addition, the distance to the pupil is adjustable and thanks to this device you can enjoy a totally amazing effect of virtual reality. These goggles are compatible with both the Iphone technology and Android technology with screens between 3 and 6 inches but are not compatible with the magnetic controls. They have adjustable straps that make them really comfortable.

Goggles Vr Gearmax

These Gearmax brand compact virtual reality glasses feature a protection and an adjustable table to hold the mobile phone and it does not suffer any damage. The assembly is very simple and, when you start to use them, you will feel as if you have escaped on the screen, even if you are on the sofa or in the living room of your house.

The distance to and between the eyes can be adjusted and visibility also. These goggles are compatible with iOS technology and Android technology, for screens between 3.5 and 6 inches.Choose them if you want to enjoy a party of 3D and virtual reality, with many features including a light for the mobile phone.

Virtual Reality Glasses Box

Boxes of virtual reality of the brand Box of great quality. With an elegant and excellent design, these adjustable glasses can be used by all those who wish. It has simulation detection range and is a device that is specially designed for Android and IOS technology, as it can be used to activate the smart phones of both brands, between 4 and 6 inches.

These glasses offer Super-3D effects , and provide a totally wonderful image feeling. It is a virtual reality glasses that will be very useful for watching videos, watching movies with 3D effect as if you were in the cinema, or playing games on separate screens with three spectacular dimensions totally spectacular.

Tips For Buying Cheap Virtual Reality Eyewear

If you are thinking of buying the best cheap virtual reality glasses, to play video games, watch some video or make home theater sessions watching movies, you should consider some advice before choosing between options or others.

First of all, you should value your budget, so that you can choose the glasses in the market that have the best benefits, with the prices that best fit your pocket.

The second point to consider, considering that today’s virtual reality glasses function through a smartphone or smartphone, is that your phone fits inside these glasses, or that the glasses are adapted to the technology of your phone.

The third point to keep in mind as you’re going to have a good time, either watching movies or playing a game, with glasses on, it should be that they are comfortable and have adjustable straps and special quality.

You should also look out for that can adjust the distance between the eyes and optical and viewer, to ensure your comfort and your glasses are provided with the relevant quality assurance where they ensure that they will not be harmful for your eye health .

The weight should also be taken into account. At the same performance always choose the lighter glasses, because in the end you will end up weighing.

The quality of the glasses and their materials. You will not be able to choose a very cheap glasses with many benefits if the quality of these is really bad and they will not last you a week with intensive use.

Finally of peer glasses, you could decantarte by having a design more beautiful or appealing to you, by color or form, although currently the glasses on the market all have a similar design.