The Actresses Become Designers

I have several days with this post and I have been aelantado, since I’ve seen something similar by other websites, but I well tell you my style: lines of sportswear, perfumes, or a brand, there are no celebrity that boasts that it is not involved in any project of fashion. All use their fame to sell garments and create their own lines of clothing, a trend that is in fashion. Although almost all do not know the tricks of making, do not know sewing and design sketches, his collections are a millions sales success. For some time, we have seen how stars and stars of the film flirting with fashion, creating editions of clothing limited and even their own brands.

One of the first to debut in this field was the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, who created in 2001 the Sweetface Fashion company that markets the brand JLO, a line of clothing ultrasexy, mainly of lingerie, and more informal parts, rubbing the sport. In 2005, he made his debut in one of the most sought-after runways of the New York fashion week a collection for the autumn/winter that lasts until today with Just Sweet, a line for the next spring-summer 2008.

Another that has caught a taste of this design is the actress and singer Madonna. It began in the spring and summer of 2006 with a line of sportswear for the Swedish chain Hennes and Mauritz, more known as H & M, the singer was accompanied by her dancers. On that occasion garments, despite being sports, were inspired in the Victorian romanticism, the British Classics and Haute Couture. It seems that she felt comfortable and experience liked it because he returned to repeat with another collection, this time much more sophisticated and glamorous.

March 22 was the date of his debut, under the name M by Madonna, with elegant clothes and sexy, and it itself was also the protagonist of your campaign.

Of Kate Moss you said nothing because she is a woman whose world already beyond me and the truth, we have spoken so much of it in Jezebel that I don’t think have nothing more. But that you may know that there is another which has launched its own clothing.

Our most international actress has also tested with this design paper, and not just for a movie. Penelope Cruz He decided to design outfits for Mango signature. And it does not alone, since her sister Mónica Cruz He has accompanied him in this project. His debut as a designer has been this fall – winter 2007-2008 with a total of 25 pieces, among which is a little dress that I have, very, very similar to which Audrey Hepburn took in the legendary film breakfast with diamonds, and that the actress wore this summer in Ibiza when they presented their collection. And also various supplements that complete a collection that personally find me very nice and stylish. An exciting new adventure in which professional, they have also posed in the advertising campaign.

The actress and producer Sarah Jessica Parker, better known as Carrie Bradshaw in the series sex in New York, He first created the Lovely perfume, and now moves to the design with the line Bitten, a collection of casual style that includes jeans, linen and accessories. I would rather say that a quite soda collection. I do not understand how with the estilazo that has Carrie can throw this so boring line.

The English actress Liz Hurley also part of this field. Elizabeth Hurley Beach is the name given your designs, a line of bathroom that had its origin in 2006. Some striking creations and glamorous, seeking inspiration in St. Tropez and the India. In addition, it has recently created a collection of swimwear and swimsuit for girls with animal-inspired prints.

Miller and Savannah, sisters have created a line of clothes under the name of Twenty8twelve. A collection of 80 pieces, will be composed of silk dresses, jeans, cotton shirts and leather jackets. A line very fashion, wearable with a striking look.

One of the latest additions has been Scarlett Johansson, the girl of fashion in Hollywood. The actress has signed an agreement with Reebok to jointly design the range of sportswear Scarlett “Hearts” Rbk, a line of footwear and apparel, away from the glamour of Hollywood, they are comfortable and sports, although very nice clothes. Who will be next?