The Ageless Style of Linda Rodin

Success on Instagram, the American businesswoman 68 years exudes youthfulness and proof that style is ageless.

Linda Rodin and your inseparable mini poodle Winks already won fans all over the world, accompanying, via social networks and news articles in magazines and blogs, your inspiring lifestyle. Always with the city of New York as a backdrop, its stylish looks serve as reference to women around the world.

But your passion for fashion is not today, Linda has had a famous shop in Soho in the years 70 and worked as a stylist and fashion editor. Since 2008, Rodin Olio Lusso, heads the cosmetics company that started in the kitchen of your House and now produces luxury lipsticks and facial oils, among other products, to occupy the store shelves more detached.

But what is the secret of style Muse that defies the antiquated rules of right and wrong in the way of dressing when it comes to age? “I choose a striking piece and keep the rest simple,” she explains.

In addition to the shirts, which go with everything from jeans to the party, she also bet on colored sunglasses and vintage air. Is your trademark style. Monochromatic looks, sweaters, and high and low also ensure the effect cool chic Beautiful. The jeans, as in any wardrobe, is the piece de resistance of the Manager. She uses the item as a base to create classic looks with twist, that is, the fashion touch that makes all the difference.

Get inspired in Linda Rodin looks to create a visual full of personality!

SHIRTS -white, plaids, jeans to wear with everything from jeans to the ruffles.

JEANS -with Golden jacket or total look denim, he is the basis for cool looks.

MONOCHROME LOOK -to lengthen the silhouette and use strong pieces without exaggeration.

SWEATER – it goes with everything, is chic and practical.