The Atelier Secret: Fashion in Search of Vintage Glamour

Tired of the masculinization of clothes, the designers Carla Ruiz and Verónica Munizaga, decided to create The Atelier secretbrand, which rememorara the silhouette of the years 40s and 50s seeking to return the lost glamour of that era to today. Now tell us how went it with that challenge.

The proposal of Atelier El Secreto

“The secret Atelier designs clothing vintage womens classic inspiration of all the silhouettes that come with entertainment and glamour wardrobe. Also recently launched a mini-collection of children and male costumes”.

The factors that determine the development of collections of Atelier El Secreto

“To create our collections always inspire us directly in the classic costume of any decade in particular and treat of inserted in it a more modern image, but female.” Our concept is always the elegance”.

Attributes that must have an author’s mark “the seal of quality” according to El Secreto Atelier

“We believe that the pattern making and garment industry have an essential role in the task of achieving quality costumes. “It is not important that only the design is distinctive, for us the perfect fit the female figure is very important and so get ready with material of formwork of the 1940s and 1950s”.

The importance of the business plan for El Secreto Atelier

“The secret was born as a fully planned projectAtelier. So we made use of content we learned in our years of study, we leave nothing to chance in our store business plan and that is very important to reach the goal we want to without fail in the attempt, since we are aware that the independent in Chile design market always is going to be complicated and competitive according to “Having dozens of shops on facebook offering sale of costumes, only we deliver an attractive product and content of professional appearance, we show our costumes for the best shape possible and with good pictures, through various pages online, it has been essential’.

The future of Atelier El Secreto?

“Begin to market abroad and export our products we would like to. In fact, we have had sales abroad despite short time on the market and are in talks to sell our swimwear vintage in most tropical countries. Also this year our brand will be present at an international festival of music and culture of the 1940s and 1950s in Italy”.