The Autumn Collections IV

Our site continue to look at fall collections. This week, a Swedish skjortspecialist and two leading Italian brands.

Bogliolis avdramatiserade attitude to the jacket and the suit is clearly reflected in the brand’s autumn collection. Washed fabrics and very natural silhouette without excess feed, as before, a permanent feature. In the color scheme dominates earthy colors like brown, gray and navy blue.

Shirt manufacturers Stenströms, based in Helsingborg, presents a colorful autumn collection where purple colors dominate. Major focus is on accessories with chest handkerchiefs and scarves in beautiful paisley pattern.

Italian fashion house Canali is celebrating its 75th year anniversary, which among other things, highlighted by a commemorative costume in the super luxury wool and vicuna cloth. The silhouette is well-tailored Italian with soft shoulders and figure-hugging cut. The three-piece suit is a regular feature in the collection.