The Best of the Fashion Week in Paris, Spring-Summer(II)

John Galliano spring-summer 2012, the first collection without John

Already said what you in the first part, that anything is possible in the capital of the Seine, a mix between the classicism of legendary houses, with the most exaggerated modernity of most daring designers, that in short is the of Paris men’s fashion week

In this second part of the special pick up the best looks, the trendiest, the most sophisticated… ultimately the greatest hits more fashionistas who we will serve as inspiration for the next season of Spring/summer 2012 according to

John Galliano

True that produces is I speak of the first collection of John Galliano, without the own John, but things are and this is the first show under the creative supervision of British Bill Gaytten, who for more than 23 years has formed part of the Dior and his own design team signature Galliano.

In this show the shadow of the Gibraltarian is still rather than elongated, and although in a more demure than in previous years and a little less Baroque proposal the firm commitment to a male fan of the trend to the point in extremis and eclectic. On the one hand day multi-colorful looks in pastel shades and certain ñoño air that also nerd. Clothing jacket in bright colours, striped point ties, acid raincoats, schoolboy caps and much glass paste.

On the other hand the classical line of Galliano under and swimwear, with the famous slips y Boxer logotipados, that for next summer will be mostly of stripes and will be with billowing hoddies of dot cotton and suede loafers.

And to finish much more ornate styles in which the military inspiration It is mixed with the elegance of pieces of label and also on this occasion add a point rocker, Bohemian and hippie-up to. We will as usual discretion is not invited in the House.


Veonique Nichanian the Creative Director of the male line of Hermes has made an ordago to the Classic and basic, as holy and sign of the stakes for the next summer season of the iconic French maison. Simple sets of very refined lines in which raw material a sense of functionality and practicality in general, not including the swan necks, who already knows that you for the summer are more appealing.

Separate licenses, the proposal is based on discrete sets where squaring of linen pants, lightweight fabrics shirts, the cardigans of light point and the American’s perfect cutting are keys of a collection to bet items by natural tones, White, gray, blue and long black, and is accented with other much more daring as yellow or orange shades.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Stripes and more stripes, as a leitmotif of the first part and the most casual of the proposal of Jean Paul Gaultier for the upcoming season. Shorts more t-shirts or tank tops and matching sports bags canvas sneakers.

A spirit hawainao the second starring the most dresses show outfits, in which the prints of flowers are the main print that makes note of color looks a tag informal It relies on the tuxedo.

Without a doubt one of the star American White’s imposing tabs which is combined with a basic white shirt and trousers in black. Although we are outfits like that mix a jacket in the style of rockabilly with a half way between one thing and another pinwale corduroy pants and comfortable sports.

RAF Simons

In the same minimal line other seasons and high presence of black and grayscale in technical fabrics and clothes ensembles of tailoring of fairly tight silhouette, but this time with the addition of acidic colors as yellow or orange, warm tones as red, or accents in turquoise or lavender cake. Unlike other years included the use of prints, large horizontal stripes or the typical pictures Scottish.