The Bikini Jeans, The Worst Cowboy Never Designed

This post is simply to warn and discourage to any person seeking a new jeans and is run with these. No, absolutely not. Before we see them in a store, there is campaigning for that do not get fashion, If someone dares to wear them is … turn on the Geek of the week.

I think it is the most horrible garment I’ve seen in a long time. The fashion to wear the lingerie outside It is one that I have most criticized, because I do not see any aesthetic element in it, moreover, up to displeases me. When became fashionable pants shot low and the thongs sticking out above, He believed that not it was going to go to more. But with this new design, this theory falls overland.

It is a jeans of minimisimo shot, It must be uncomfortable to wear, and which leaves to the air much of the thong that mimics the bottom of a set of summer, also opting woven denim. To the sides of the hip, the thong is tied giving rise to a little understandable when it comes to dressing loop.

I don’t see it never down the street, but impossible things at times, and very bad taste are, but this is the curl of the curl. Do you think about you?