The Blue Shirt, Must Have For The Spring 2015

It’s time to talk about must-have and in this spring 2015 there are several we tease enough even if one of the favorites by women is the blue shirt:’s discover more.

The fashion trends of spring have revealed many pieces that are hard to resist. We also discovered together those who are the fashion colors of the moment and also missed some matches. Among the new must-have there is also a blue shirt, a leader of clothing evergreen that can be worn at many times of the day though it is precisely the most of the morning and afternoon, the perfect opportunity.

This is because it is perfect to go to work but also for all those who want to have a formal style and decided to running errands. Moreover, being a top very basic and simple color scheme, it matches perfectly with virtually anything else.

In many they choose it because it is an article of men’s clothing and inspiration at the bottom of the mannish style in recent times has clearly dominated in all fields. It is in fact perfect to be paired with a nice jacket and wide-legged pants, maybe it proposed in shades of gray or navy blue or even brown. Go to work with a similar piece with great authority, but what matters most is that the person who wears it feels in a safer moment of self.

As many of you know, there are blue shirts and blue shirts, ie there are very different patterns between them. Imagination however this is always quite strict, smooth and shaped at the waist, but there are even with three-quarter sleeves or oversized, made in the wake of this fashion that it takes more and some bigger size clothes.

Also there are various shades of blue and there are even proposals by the most intense colors, maybe a nice turquoise shirt, like the one in the photo at However there are many, even some characterized by thin stripes or slightly blurred. At this point we can do is advise you to choose the model that you like and fits your look. In short, be glamorous, that’s what matters.