The Campaign of the Summer Line of H & M

After having dipped in the summer line of Tommy Hilfiger, could not to pass up the opportunity to review the images that make up the Beach of H & M campaign. Models Marlon Teixeira y Ton Heukels are the protagonists of this photo shoot in which represent the summer we all want.

This summer’s H & M swimsuit campaign takes place on the beach and on the high seas, where Teixeira and Heukels models pose with the bathing suits of the Swedish firm, which already I spoke some time ago.

The best are, without doubt, the bathing suits of plain colors and narrow forms, as well as the realistic prints and the already very hackneyed flowery. The less I like are the longest, I do not think that they favor or that they are comfortable for the baths on the beach.

In addition to bathing suits, there are few accessories (not as in the campaign for Tommy Hilfiger, which was much better in this regard). Just a few hats and some sunglasses end of complete bathroom looks very simple. If it is that, the beach, the more simple and comfortable will be better. A point for H & M!

Do you think of the campaign?