The Characteristics That Distinguish the Beats Headphones

In the market there is countless models and brands of hearing aids, however since 2008 a brand has positioned itself in the market for its high-end products. Beats Electronics, born from the hand of the musician and record producer Dr. Dre, and with this its line of products dedicated to the entertainment and production BeatsAudio by Dr. Dre.

Beats Audio has different lines of products that can be found at suppliers of hearing aids and audio systems. In the branch of the headphones you can find products created according to their functionality.

Specialized DJ Headphones

The Beats Mixr’s Beats Audio series was created hand and under rigorous standards of one of the most recognized DJ in the world, David Guetta. These headphones for professional use, is intended to make the work of the DJ much more practical in each of his presentations, because they are designed so that they can be heard at parties, in the same way, these headphones have a very deep bass at a very high volume. Its rotating cups can turn behind the ears and rotate forward freely for comfort.

Beats Studio with ANC

These headphones for professional use mixes and recordings possess Advanced Beats Audio, noises (ANC) Adaptive cancellation system, this system allows you to cancel the noise from the outside with advanced software that balances sound levels so as to cancel out the noise and offer a formidable experience.

Unlike other headphones for recording studios, the Beats Studio have a 20 hour battery with system of automatic shut-off, which allows a unique energy saving, also comes equipped with a visible charge gauge. These headphones do not need special adapters, can be charged via USB from almost any terminal in the world.

Beats Matte HD

This range of headphones from Beats Audio is dedicated to entertainment, then, its versatility, weight and flexibility allow them to be carried at all times. These headphones have a driver coated titanium, which ensures that the sound will be preserved and faithfully reproduce all the details of the music. Similarly, featuring Crystal treble, and powerful bass in HD.

The Matte HD Beats are manufactured with the most durable materials on the market, then, these headphones feature a flexible coating and metal-reinforced band. They, likewise, have a built-in microphone, which will allow calls and will be changing mobile multimedia device.

Powerbeats2 Wireless

These high-end wireless headphones were inspired by the star of the NBA, LeBron James, the Wireless Powerbeats2 are lightweight and powered by the acoustics that Beats Audio brand. With a bluetooth connection, these headphones offer the possibility to connect the device with bluetooth to a maximum distance of 9 meters. Its rechargeable battery gives 6 hours of playback and a fast charge in 15 minutes, offers an extra hour of playback without interruptions.

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The Wireless Powerbeats2 possess a rating of IPX4 international standard which provides a resistance to sweat and water from any angle. Your cable RemoteTalk allows a grip without sliding with volume controls, changing song and with hands free to receive calls while you exercise.

All Beats Audio devices which you can get from the suppliers of hearing aids come in different colors, each adapted to your tastes and needs, carefully watching every aesthetic detail so that the sound experience is carried to other levels. Not only for its design, but by the long hours and tests that were dedicated with the purpose that each one of them to provide the best audio quality that you could want, whether for professional or personal use, Beats Audio headphones, are here to stay.